Personal Stylist and Confidence Coach

Welcome!  I’m Rebecca most people call me Becs or Becca.  My passion is working with people to help them see what everyone else sees in them.  After our sessions you will look in the mirror and love your reflection.  I will show you what colours to wear to make your eyes pop and skin glow. We will work on inside and out.  I can guarantee you people will give you compliments, therefore your self esteem will improve quickly.  I will be totally honest with you because that is why you are coming to me for my expertise.  I will push you to think outside the box because I understand body shapes and the cut and fit of clothes but if you don’t like something then it goes back on the shop floor, it is totally up to you what you choose to have in your wardrobe. My aim is not to change you into someone new but to give you the skills to love shopping and styling skills to rock your outfit everyday.  My favourite part of my job is when I see my clients faces light up excited with their reflection. It is common to have happy tears.  My personal style is classic with a twist.

I am 42, have two children and a crazy dog.  I spent many years working as a Visual Merchandiser in London for a variety of high street retailers including H&M, Topshop, Gap, GapKids, M&S, Dickins & Jones designing store layouts, creating window displays and styling mannequins. I worked as a Press assistant for Gina Shoes on Sloane street selecting shoes for magazine photo shoots and music videos for A-list celebrities.

I then ran my by own beauty businesses for 14 years in Toni&Guy salons, exclusive gyms and Hotels.  When the kids were in school I’d just turned 40 and decided fashion and styling were my passion so I dived in and qualified as a Personal Stylist and Fashion Stylist at celebrity stylist, Casey Paul’s styling academy in London.

It may feel scary or intimidating to contact me if it is totally new to you but after 14 years as a beauty therapist I understand that many men and women for whatever reason have low self esteem.  I would say of all the hundreds of people I met 95% had negative views of their bodies. I am 100% confident I can change those views very simply no matter what age, disability, size, height, gender, race, religion, background.  Budget is irrelevant too, I am the queen of vintage and sale shopping and the high street has fantastic ranges. I’ll show you how to shop them for your individual style.

Some of my fashion styling has recently been published in Marie Claire (musician Leon Of Athens). I have styled many musicians and bands and artists, please get in touch at anytime for music videos, appearances and gigs. TV and Music Award styling. Magazine articles. Bloggers.

I can’t wait to meet you and change your life. We will have so much fun!  I love to chat and laugh with my clients, it is your day to be pampered. You can expect results from our sessions and will 100% get your mojo back.  I look forward to meeting you.

Get your mojo back

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